Incredible Video Shows Heron Devouring A Huge Rat Whole


Incredible Video Shows Heron Devouring A Huge Rat Whole@BirdCentralPark/Twitter

Some may think the world would be better off with one less rat in it, and this heron caught on film clearly agrees.

Captured swallowing a large rat completely whole in Central Park in New York, the great blue heron left people gobsmacked.


If cities needed a helping hand clearing up the vermin population, then they should look no further than the mighty heron. Pest control will soon be out of a job after they see this impressive feat.

 August 30, 2021, ELKTON, OREGON, U.S.A: A great blue heron nearly skims the water with his wing tip as it cruises low over the Umpqua River near Elkton in rural western Oregon.-Robin Loznak/Zuma Press/PA ImagesPA

The heron can be seen sticking his beak into the water to retrieve the rat, before gulping it’s body down in a couple of swallows, a bedraggled tail the last sight to see, before the rat is gone from the world for good.

David Barrett posted the shocking footage on his Twitter account Manhattan Bird Alert, writing: ‘Great blue herons eat plenty of fish, but they won’t pass up a meaty and filling New York City rat – this morning at the Central Park Pond.’


According to Barrett, the rat’s fatal ending took place in a matter of moments, as the heron took ‘only a few seconds to lift the rat, once killed, out of the water’ before finally swallowing it.

The post has amassed more than 100,000 views, with other Twitter users taking to the post in awe of the heron’s impressive swallowing skills. One said: ‘This dude is my hero. All bow to the Great one.’


Another wrote: 

Does this make the Blue Heron the new Mayor of NYC? Because it should. At the very least we should make the whole species the new official City Bird.

A third commented: ‘Wow! I think it should be full after that.’


While viewers were impressed with the heron’s desire to clean up the rodent population of New York, unfortunately there are not enough of the birds to make a proper go of it. Barrett said there are ‘far too few to make an impact on rat population’, as the number of rats in Manhattan are not known for certain, but that estimates are ‘400,000 and up’, he told the New York Post.

The heron may not win any awards for table manners, but the population of New York appear to be grateful to the big bird.

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    Jaw-dropping footage shows heron swallowing a huge rat in one fell swoop in New York

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