Hungry Bears Keep Wandering Into The Same California Gas Station For Late Night Snacks


Hungry Bears Keep Wandering Into The Same Gas Station For Late Night SnacksWKRN

A California gas station has played host to several visits from a brown bear – or brown bears – for midnight snacks, and one evidently has a sweet tooth.

In CCTV footage from August 29, you see a brown bear casually wander through the shop’s sliding doors before employee Paul Heigh tries to stop it from entering any further. Attempting to shoo the large animal away, the bear then lunges at the man, causing him to back up.


Following the altercation, Heigh spoke to local news outlet WKRN where he said, ‘It was kinda scary, I’m not going to lie. [Fighting off bears was] not in the job description.’

Watch it here:


The next day, a similar situation happened again at the same gas station. The bear that came in was caught on camera scoffing candy and crackers that it had taken off the shelves.


Although it hasn’t been confirmed, it’s thought that it may be the same cheeky bear that wandered into the gas station the previous night.

Earlier in August, CCTV caught the moment a customer booped the butt of a large brown bear stood in the doorway of the gas station in a bid to get it to leave. Unfortunately it didn’t work, and it simply walked inside anyway.


Another video taken recently on someone’s mobile phone showed yet another brown bear in an actual supermarket. This bear seems to have a healthier diet than the other bears, and casually scans the fruit and veg aisle.


While the videos may be entertaining, not only are these encounters dangerous for humans, they are for the bears as well.

Ann Bryant of the Bear League told WKRN, ‘The bear should not be going into buildings where someone could shoot him or kill him or the Department of Wildlife could kill him.’


Last month, one overly friendly bear sadly ended up being euthanised after getting too close to humans.


The bear, named Huckleberry, was well known in Vancouver, Canada, and usually kept to himself. However, when residents started leaving food out for him on purpose, he started to become accustomed to human food. This is something that’s described as a ‘death sentence’ by The North Shore Black Bear Society, as it gives a reason for authorities to intervene.

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