Guy Spots Giant 20-Foot-Long Anaconda Crossing Road In Brazil

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Guy Spots Giant 20-Foot-Long Anaconda Crossing Road In BrazilAprizion/Facebook

In the UK we’re used to navigating around a pigeon or two hopping in the road, or maybe even a sheep if you’re out in the countryside, but I think being faced with a 20-foot-long anaconda would cause some serious panic. 

With that in mind, I’d advise that maybe Brits shouldn’t drive through the jungle in Brazil, because it’s entirely possible that you might find yourself stopped by a snake spanning the entire width of the road. At least, that’s what happened to a group of veterinary students in São Paulo last month.

The group were travelling along a dirt road when they noticed the living roadblock slithering in front of them. They started filming the unusual scene, noticing the female anaconda wasn’t alone on her journey.

Check out the footage below:

At first the massive snake gets all the attention, but as the camera pans along the length of the snake’s body it’s revealed that there’s another snake wrapped around her further down. In fact, a number of the slithery creatures are following the giant anaconda, indicating she was the leader of a big, creepy group of snakes.

The huge reptile was filmed making her way out of the road and disappearing into some water on the other side, with her followers in her wake.

Antônio Stábile dos Santos, one of the students who witnessed the chilling scene, estimated the female snake to be about 20-feet long.

20-foot snake crosses road in BrazilAprizion/Facebook

Speaking to G1, he said the anaconda was being pursued by about five other snakes, which are thought to have been males attempting to capture her attention for mating.

Antônio commented:

She is very fast. She started to cross quickly because she was startled.

The males were very small in size in comparison to the giant female, and at first Antônio wondered whether they were her children. However, biologist Willianilson Pessoa said that likely wasn’t the case because snakes aren’t typically known to provide parental care for their young.

Snakes crossing road in Brazil@carsom65/TikTok

Pesso told G1 that female anacondas are larger than males because they feed on larger prey, and also because they give birth to dozens of young. He also noted that females release a hormone in the environment that causes males to start following them, which may have been the case in this situation.

Anacondas aren’t venomous, but experts advise to observe from a safe distance if you come across one. After seeing the size of the snake in this video, though, I can’t imagine anyone other than the male reptiles rushing to get close to her.

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Carsom65/TikTok and 2 others
  1. Carsom65/TikTok


  2. G1

    'She is very fast', says a veterinary student who caught anaconda being chased by males in Ituverava, SP

  3. Aprizion/Facebook


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