Group On Fishing Trip In Alabama ‘Catch’ Kitten Stuck In Open Ocean


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A family had gone for a simple fishing trip in Alabama, but somehow ended up witnessing a kitten being saved in the middle of the ocean.

The family were out on a trip with Still Flyin Charters, who run fishing trips operating out of Perdido Pass, when the crew heard the cat’s cries. Spotting the kitten, they and scooped it up onto the boat with a net.

Anyone who’s a cat owner knows that felines simply hate water, which begs the question as to how the heck a cat ended up in the middle of the ocean.

KittyStill Flyin Charters/Facebook

The crew dried the poor cat and took it back to shore. Following the ordeal the cat is said to be doing well and being taken care of.

A post sharing the story on Still Flyin Charters’ business page read:

Our catch of the day. Poor little guy was sucked out by the tide. We caught him just outside the pass in the gulf. He was struggling to stay up. We caught him, brought him in the boat and let him recover. Our deckhand found a home for him. Can’t say you see that everyday.

The post has since been liked and shared thousands of times, with many Facebook users commenting on the post thanking the crew for saving the tiny cat.


Our catch of the day. Poor little guy was sucked out by the tide. We caught him just outside the pass in the gulf. He…

Posted by Still Flyin Charters on Wednesday, July 29, 2020

One person commented, ‘Thank you for saving this little one’s life! So very glad you spotted and got to him in time,’ while someone else called the rescuers heroes.

Another person replied: ‘This is the best story. Makes you realise how much we need to cherish all living creatures.’

While a crew member had found a home for the kitten, it seems the cat didn’t want to go home with them, so Still Flyin Charters owner Steve Crews and his wife are taking care of it for now.

KittyStill Flyin Charters/Facebook

Speaking to Fox10 News, Crews said their tiny four-legged friend is still quite skittish after the traumatic ordeal and is still getting used to being around people. With this in mind, he leaves food and drink outside for it while the cat slowly warms up to them.

It’s unknown if the kitten is a boy or girl, but Crews is confident it was feral prior to being saved.

Steve and his wife haven’t thought of a name for it yet but he has suggested Sharkbite, while his wife likes Lucky. Lucky definitely seems appropriate, I’d say.


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