Giant Undersea Bug Poops For First Time In Two Years


Toba AQUARIUM Undersea Giant Isopod PoopToba Aquarium

Blessed be the poop gods, for a giant undersea bug in Japan has defecated for the first time in two years. 

Constipation… it’s a bastard, isn’t it? That said, I can’t imagine what it felt like for this isopod in Toba Aquarium. For the past two years, this poor creature has been backed up to historic levels – at long last, the bug has unloaded its bowel.


Isopods, in case you’re wondering, are a large underwater crustacean. However, while that places them in the same family as crabs and shrimps, they’re closer in resemblance to the common woodlouse, to which they’re related.

Toba AQUARIUM Undersea Giant Isopod Poop 2Toba Aquarium

Generally, these creepy crawlies live a fairly relaxed existence. Although, they’ve been known to be rather vicious – for example, in a video from 2017, one can be seen attacking a shark in spectacular fashion.

Fancy seeing a shark die at the hands of an isopod? Check out this clip: 


The aquarium – located in Toba City, Mie Prefecture – has been striving to learn more about these mysterious creatures since 2007, even adding five isopods to the group in 2013.

As per SoraNews24, fecal matter from the bugs had last been found in April 2018. However, on May 26, their keeper found poop in the tank, marking the end of a two-year stretch with no number twos.

To mark the occassion, Virtual Giant Isopod celebrated with a press conference: 


Here’s the crazy bit: in the fecal matter itself, staff at the aquarium found fish scales that didn’t come from anything the isopods had been fed. Furthermore, this was matter that had been digested before they were admitted to the facility, and was inside them for more than seven years.

At the time of writing, it hasn’t been confirmed which exact isopod finally relieved itself. However, it’s considered a breakthrough in the field, with researchers preparing to more intensive studies into their behaviour and biology.


As per Yahoo! Japan, curator Takeya Moritaki said: I don’t know which individual had a bowel movement, but since it is a slow-metabolizing creature, the pace of eating and defecation are slow.’

As the news hit the internet, people in Japan joined in the aquarium’s happiness, with one user writing: ‘Giant isopods make people happy by pooping. I want to be a giant isopod.’ Another user commented: ‘I feel like this is a sign that things are finally getting back to normal.’ A third added: ‘Giant isopod, you pooped and made the news. Good job!’

You can check out an earlier video of ‘No.1’ isopod at the aquarium below: 


It’s much cheerier circumstances than the fate of the facility’s ‘No. 1′ isopod, who died in 2014 after refusing to eat. Let’s hope these undersea bugs continue to shit to their hearts’ content.

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