Giant Python Fights Firefighters Trying To Remove It From Hiding In Home Ceiling


Giant Python Fights Firefighters Trying To Remove It From Hiding In Home CeilingAsiaWire/@CRJDT

You’re home alone, minding your own business and suddenly, you hear a noise. A burglar, perhaps? What if it’s a ghost? Or, maybe, you’ve got a massive python in your ceiling. 

At this cold, tumultuous time of year, living things – both humans and animals – crave the warmth of shelter.


Although, there’s comes a point where you may not be too keen on offering a roof over everyone or everything’s head – specifically, you probably don’t want a python slithering around in your home.

Check out the clip of firefighters tackling a feisty python below:


If you find a python lingering in your ceiling, who ya gonna call? Not the Ghostbusters, but give the fire brigade a ring.


To give an insight on what will happen when they arrive, onlookers managed to catch the terrifying moment a group of firefighters took on an enormous python.

The huge snake was hiding in a Malaysian home ceiling, sparking a battle between python and man to bring it down onto the floor.

Python In Ceiling 2AsiaWire/@CRJDT

The incredible incident was filmed in the western Malaysian state of Johor and two videos were shared on Facebook by the local group Community Roda Johor (CRJ) where they have since been viewed 170,000 and 70,000 times respectively.


According to local media, the reticulated python (Malayopython reticulatus) was likely seeking shelter from the harsh weather conditions and took refuge in the ceiling.

An unnamed man called the local authorities for help and firefighters on the scene eventually managed to remove the huge snake from his home.

Python In Ceiling 4AsiaWire/@CRJDT

In order to eject the python, firefighters first located its head before managing to pull its body from the ceiling light fixture and beams it had wrapped itself around.


In the video footage, a firefighter is seen trapping the reptile’s head with a pole as his colleague seizes the end of its long body.

In the second clip, the snake is seen on the floor while the rescuers manage to slide it out of the house using two poles it had coiled itself around.

Python In Ceiling 5AsiaWire/@CRJDT

At the time of writing, it’s still unknown what the local authorities did with the reticulated python after it was removed from the home.


Thankfully, the worst home invaders we need to worry about in the UK are rats and spiders – just make sure you’re listening out for a ‘sss’.

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