Gay Penguins Steal Entire Egg Nest From Lesbian Penguins To Become Dads

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A pair of gay penguins at a Netherlands zoo stole an entire nest of eggs from a lesbian penguin couple in an effort to raise chicks of their own. 

The wannabe parents hijacked the nest from their fellow penguins at an ‘unguarded moment’ at DierenPark zoo in Amersfoort this year.

Since their successful operation, the couple have dedicated their days to guarding the nest and breeding on the eggs in the hope that they will become fathers.

Zookeeper Sander Drost has said this actually isn’t the first time the pair have attempted to kidnap their way to becoming fathers. Last year they made off with a single egg, but when it failed to produce a chick they decided to up their chances by taking the whole nest.

Sander described the two males, who are said to be dominant within the group of 17 penguins of the zoo, as a ‘very determined couple’.

Gay penguin couple steal egg nestDierenPark Amersfoort/YouTube

Homosexuality is common among penguins, and Sander said they choose one steady partner and indicate the desire to brood by the sounds they make.

The zookeeper explained:

In addition to a gay couple, we also have a lesbian couple in our park.

It is striking that the gay couple has started breeding on the nest of the lesbian penguins, so we already know that the eggs are not fertilised.

The lack of fertilisation means no chick is expected to hatch from the nest, which is unfortunate considering the lengths the gay penguins went to. Still, Sander said both males are ‘careful with their new arrival’ and take it in turns to guard the nest.

Gay penguin couple steal egg nestDierenPark Amersfoort/YouTube

While I can’t imagine the lesbian couple were very happy at having their nest stolen, the zoo described the heist as ‘amazing news’, suggesting the gay penguins won’t face any repercussions for their crimes.

Sander added:

Maybe one day we will welcome a chick hatched by a gay couple. Who knows, they might succeed next year.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for the determined birds!

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  1. DierenPark Amersfoort/YouTube

    Penguin gay couple steals eggs from lesbian couple

  2. DierenPark Amersfoort

    Penguin gay couple

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