Exotic Frog Travels 5,000 Miles From Colombia To Wales Aboard Bunch Of Bananas

Emma Rosemurgey



While international travel is out of the question for most of us at the moment, an exotic frog has managed to make it all the way from Colombia to Wales.

His mode of transportation? A bunch of bananas.

I mean, obviously it goes without saying that the bananas were placed on several modes of transportation, but let’s not spoil the magic with facts.

Exotic Frog Travels 5,000 Miles From Columbia To Wales Aboard Bunch Of BananasPexels

Anyway, the well-travelled little amphibian is believed to have survived the journey by slowing down his metabolism, before being discovered by staff at the Murray Street Asda in Llanelli, who contacted the RSPCA to come and help.

The frog, which has unimaginatively been named ‘Asda’, has been taken to Silent World To You, an animal specialist centre in Haverford, Wales. There, staff have treated him to his own supply of crickets as a treat to make sure he’s well fed after his long – and no doubt stressful – journey across the world.

Gemma Cooper, an inspector for the RSPCA, said the staff working at the supermarket handled the discovery well, adding that she was grateful they reached out to the charity for help.

‘One team member spotted the frog, while another confined the frog and took him home. This quick thinking helped keep this frog safe,’ she said, as per the BBC.

Exotic Frog Travels 5,000 Miles From Columbia To Wales Aboard Bunch Of BananasRSPCA

Gemma went on to explain how the frog managed to survive the entire journey without food, by cleverly shutting down his own body.

‘Frogs and other amphibians are so good at shutting down their bodies when they need to,’ she said.

‘It seems highly likely that’s exactly what this frog did to survive this long journey without food.’

Fortunately, Asda has settled into the animal centre, and has even made himself a little home inside a banana skin.

Exotic Frog Travels 5,000 Miles From Columbia To Wales Aboard Bunch Of BananasRSPCA

Ginny Spenceley, who works at the centre, said:

Asda the frog is very small – with a body about the size of my thumb, but longer back legs. Of course, we don’t know if it is a baby or an adult.

It’s crazy to think this little creature has done more travelling than the rest of us will put together this year, but it is always great when a story has a happy ending.

The moral of the story? Never underestimate the power of a bunch of bananas. We might think of them as a healthy snack, but for little creatures like Asda, they can take you all around the world.

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  1. BBC

    Exotic frog found among bananas at Llanelli supermarket

Emma Rosemurgey
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