Dog Invades Football Pitch, Steals Ball And Nutmegs Two Players


Dog Invades Football Pitch, Steals Ball And Nutmegs Two PlayersAP

A dog left Bosnian football players red-faced after storming the pitch and nutmegging two of them.

The small dog invaded the pitch during a Bosnia Premier League match between Sloboda and Posusje earlier this week.


Just two minutes into the game, the crafty canine ran onto the pitch, forcing the referee to stop the game. The player who had the ball at the time hadn’t spotted the pooch, only to look down and have it run between his legs and take the ball.

Bosnian football dog (AP)AP

Another player then attempted to retrieve the ball from the dog, but was also hilariously nutmegged by it. Though he then kicked the ball away, the dog soon took possession again, giving the Bosnian football team a run for its money.

Undeterred, the same player tried to get the ball back again, only to be out-skilled by the dog for a second time.


Eventually someone on the side lines came on to scoop the dog up like a naughty child, and carried it off the pitch.

Watch it here:


While the clip has entertained a lot of people, it’s safe to say the players looked far from impressed.


One person joked, per MailOnline, ‘Which Premier League team will get to sign that four-legged striker in the January window?’

Another person said, ‘Very disappointed the ref didn’t show him a comedy red card,’ while a third commented, ‘The pooch should get an agent and go for a spot on either team!’

The game ended Dog 1, Bosnia footballers 0.

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  1. Daily Mail

    What a howler! Pitch-invading dog steals the ball and nutmegs two players during Bosnian Premier League football match

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