Dog Goes To Groomer And Gets Turned Into Cloud Of Fluff

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Dog cloud after groomersyorikokoro/Instagram

It is a truth universally acknowledged by man that all dogs were born equal – but this dog cloud has just proved not all dogs are groomed equal.

Meet Sesame: the big ball of fluff now henceforth referred to as The Cloud Dog, The Fluff, The Dog Cloud or any variation of the suggested.


Let’s take a moment to pay our respects to all pups:

…And now we must devote some special time and attention to Sesame’s unique style and flair.

Sesame went to the groomers and returned looking like a tiny cloud of fluffy canine goodness and the Internet cannot get enough.


Would you look at that tail:

The toy poodle gets his lid trimmed by Yoriko Hamachiyo a Japanese groomer and salon-owner who specialises in silver poodle and phantom poodle doggie hairdos.

…And what a specialism it is. It’s causing most of the UNILAD office to re-think their career choices as we speak.


Here’s the result:

Now, how’s that for ‘new hair, who dis?’

It seems Sesame is as happy with his hair cut as all the humans who now worship him from afar.


You can tell by all the tail-wagging:

Yoriko Hamachiyo is a highly sought after specialist.

They presumably perfected their technique on their very own pup, Goma.


You can see how the process goes down on Goma himself below:

Their work is a real hit – and looks great from all angles.

It’s hard to say for certain, but one imagines cuddling the pup would feel a little like hugging a Weetabix, if it weren’t for all the conditioning product.

Either way, it’s one hella boop-able snoot:

An Instagrammer going by the handle @glen2005.gc agrees, writing:

So cutie love this dog!! Wanted hug aww so beauitful softed so warm!! [sic]

His aesthetic – part Cirrostratus, part Cumulus – has been shared around the World Wide Web far and wide away from his home in Japan.

Some compare Sesame to a seal, while others think this work should be referred to as ‘dog shrubbery’.

@ilove_dachshunds wrote to @michealscottmc saying:

this makes me want a poodle just so I can take it to the groomer to make it look like a sheep [sic]

Many couldn’t put their finger on what was so cute about Sesame, but one or two did compliment his perfectly spherical shape.

It seems the shape suits many other dogs like Sesame too:

The style can be adorned with any number of bows, headdresses or other doggie accessories for the ultimate fleeky pet look.

Some dogs love it so much they actually spontaneously turn into love hearts:

Whether you prefer your dogs the shape of clouds, or the shape of dogs, there’s clearly a style – and a groomer willing to execute the look for Instagram – out there for you and your beloved barker.

If The Dog Cloud hasn’t filled your cute quota for the day, take a look at these Very Good Boys and Girls:

What on earth did we do to deserve dogs?

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