Dog Blinded And Given Up By Previous Owners Receives $12,000 To Find New Home


Dog Blinded And Given Up By Previous Owners Receives $12,000 To Find New HomeHelen Woodward Animal Shelter/Facebook

A three-year-old dog who was left blind and injured at the hands of his previous owners has received $12,000 in donations from people wanting to help find him the perfect home. 

Louis the Labrador/German Shepherd mix was turned over to a dog pound in Calexico, California after having his eyes removed due to an eye infection that was left untreated.


He was rescued by Helen Woodward Animal Center, who shared a video and photos of Louis on Facebook in an effort to find him ‘the perfect family’.

Louis the dogHelen Woodward Animal Shelter/Facebook

One post about the pup received hundreds of likes and comments, and after Louis’ story was spread across the globe the animal centre posted an update to say it had been inundated with heartfelt responses.

It read:


All we can say is… Thank you! To everyone who has reached out to us in the last 24 hours about Louis, we are moved by how much his story impacted you. We knew this story was going to be tough and that many of you want to take action.

We ask that you take action by spreading Louis’ story and asking others to treat pets with the kindness they deserve.

Louis the dogHelen Woodward Animal Center/Facebook

In a statement cited by People, staff at the centre said they had received calls, emails, donations, adoption applications and offers of services from people trying to help shelter animals in response to Louis’ story.

In just 24 hours the centre received close to $12,000 in donations, and more continue to roll in.


The centre commented:

Offers to sponsor his adoption, to sponsor his food, to sponsor muffin halos/bumper-collars/sonar-collars, to pay for his medical care, and more, are coming from across the country.

The Beloved Foundation, in Greenville, South Carolina, has offered to cover a portion of Louis’ aftercare.

Louis the dogHelen Woodward Animal Center/Facebook

As well as donations, Helen Woodward received ‘hundreds of calls and emails’ from people who are ‘full of heartbreak and anger, and questions about the prosecution of the former owners’.


The centre previously explained that as well as failing to treat his eye infection, Louis’ previous owners failed to help him adapt after going blind. As a result, he found himself in a car accident in which he suffered a leg fracture.

The owners again neglected to treat the issue, meaning Louis required urgent surgery on his leg after he was handed over to the dog pound.

Louis the dogHelen Woodward Animal Center/Facebook

Though it is clear the owners did not treat Louis as he deserved, Helen Woodword explained that ‘[a]s with the majority of animals that end up in facilities and shelters across the country, there is no way to access his past history and with Louis unable to communicate, it is impossible to put all the pieces together.’


Renee Resko, Helen Woodward Animal Center VP of Development, commented:

We are amazed and so touched by the response and the donations.

Louis is just one of many animals we’ve seen neglected and mistreated and each one breaks our hearts. The fact that Louis’ story is getting so much attention means that more people will see the necessity of proper pet medical care and the responsibility pet-owners take on when they bring home a furry family member.

Louis the dogHelen Woodward Animal Center/Facebook

While there are people across the globe willing to give Louis the home he deserves, the centre is looking for an adopter in the local San Diego area ‘to reduce the stress of Louis’ transition into his new home’. The ideal new owner would work from home in a one-storey property and have another, calm dog to keep Louis company.

For more information about adoption and Helen Woodward Animal Center, visit the website here.

If you have a story you want to tell, send it to UNILAD via [email protected] 

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    Dog Blinded By Previous Owners Inspires $12,000 in Donations for His Rescue in One Day

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