Crazy Zoogoer Confronts 11 White Tigers After Jumping Out Of Car


Crazy Zoogoer Confronts 11 White Tigers After Jumping Out Of CarAlamy/AsiaWire

A reckless visitor at a Chinese zoo got out of his vehicle to confront a pack of 11 white tigers.

In footage you should absolutely not attempt to emulate under any circumstances, the wildlife park visitor can be seen sitting alarmingly close to the tigers, apparently attempting to provoke them. At the same time, a group of other men can be see shouting at him to stop, while keeping a safe distance.


Now, I can’t think of many animals out there that I’d be more concerned about winding up than a toothy, hungry tiger. But then again, I would have stayed inside the car with the doors firmly locked.

Check out the footage below:


The video was reportedly taken at Beijing Wildlife Park in the capital city of Beijing on the afternoon of October 23.


The next day, the park released a statement confirming that a visitor in the self-drive area had got out of his car to confront the tigers, allegedly ignoring warnings from members of staff.

It would appear that the man, who has since been named by officers as 56-year-old Jiang, deliberately attempted to aggravate the big cats using both words and gestures.

Jiang can be seen staring at the animals with some intensity as they proceeded to grunt and gather around in front of him. Thankfully, they didn’t attack.

Man confonts white tigers at zoo (AsiaWire)AsiaWire

As per the news site Baidu, zookeepers fed the tigers to distract from Jiang’s presence. Officers were then informed that he had broken the zoo’s rules, having trespassed into a prohibited area.

After reviewing of the CCTV footage, officers announced Jiang had been arrested, and an investigation into his actions is currently ongoing.

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