Cat With Different-Coloured Eyes And Extra Toes Abandoned By Owner

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Cat With Different Colour Eyes And Extra Toes Abandoned By Ownersansa.thecat/Instagram/Caters News

A cat born with two different colour eyes and extra thumbs has finally found her forever home after being neglected and abandoned by her previous owners.

Sansa, a six-year-old snowy cat, was born with heterochromia, a rare condition most commonly seen among white-coloured felines that causes the animal’s irises to be different colours.

She was also born with a congenital physical anomaly called polydactyly, which causes animals to be born with more than the usual number of toes on one or more of their paws. As a result, she was born with six digits on each front paw, and four and five on her hind paws.

You can take a look at the adorable kitty below:


Tragically, Sansa was found abandoned by animal rescue staff in New York City earlier this year, and was so traumatised by her experience she needed to be kept in a carrier at all times because she was so anxious.

The cat wasn’t at the rescue centre for long though, and was spotted by her now-owner Karen at a cat adoption event in New York City. ‘Even though there were a lot of cute, friendly cats at the event, my eyes kept being drawn to Sansa’s cage,’ Karen explained.

The 33-year-old, who works with a healthcare consultancy helping patients with serious medical issues, initially thought it was an empty cage but was drawn to it because of a sign attached to it, which said the cat inside suffered with anxiety after being neglected and thrown out by her previous owners.

cat abandoned with different coloured eyes finds forever home 1sansa.thecat/Instagram/Caters News

However, she soon realised the cage wasn’t empty at all, and that Sansa was hiding underneath her cat bed. ‘I felt an immediate connection to her because I suffer from anxiety myself,’ Karen said. ‘I knew that I wanted her to be a part of our family before I even saw her.’

Two days later, Karen brought Sansa home and quickly realised the extent of the animal’s anxiety. It took a long time for the cat to trust her owners and she would hide behind the TV console whenever the door opened, only coming out of her hiding place for food.

She explained:

Shortly after she came home, we realised that Sansa exhibited strange behaviours in which her back would ‘roll’ uncontrollably, followed by her attacking her tail multiple times a day.

She seemed to be in pain whenever her back rolled and we could not understand why. We had never seen a cat do this before.

cat abandoned with different coloured eyes finds forever home 1sansa.thecat/Instagram/Caters News

After recording the episodes and taking Sansa to the vet, Karen and her husband eventually received a diagnosis for their pet: Feline Hyperesthesia Disorder, a type of anxiety.

The cat was put on a range of different drugs, but nothing seemed to work until they tried pet CBD oil, which Karen says has helped curb Sansa’s episodes. ‘She has claimed the apartment as her own and is the true queen of our household,’ she said.

Karen added:

Queen Sansa wakes us up at 6am every morning to announce that she’s hungry, and if we don’t get up in time, she proceeds to knock things off the nightstand one by one. She knows exactly what she needs to do to get her way.

cat abandoned with different coloured eyes finds forever home 1sansa.thecat/Instagram/Caters News

Karen has since set up an Instagram account for Sansa to ‘document each day of our journey caring for an anxious, genetically-different cat’.

Her owner hopes to raise awareness and advocate for the adoption of cats like Sansa, and it seems to be working – the account so far has almost 22,000 followers. ‘Many people have expressed how much they love Sansa’s uniqueness with her different coloured eyes and extra toes,’ Karen explained.

But the 33-year-old insists it wasn’t the cat’s uniqueness that made her adopt the animal. Instead, she wanted to save her from being confined to a cage for the rest of her life – and I’d say she’s succeeded.

cat abandoned with different coloured eyes finds forever home 1sansa.thecat/Instagram/Caters News

You can follow Sansa’s Instagram here.

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