Canoe Gets Stuck On Top Of Alligator’s Back

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Aligator swims under canoe.See Through Canoe

When you think of an animal you’d least want to see beneath your canoe alligators would no doubt rank highly every time.

With their powerful jaws and razor sharp teeth, this is not a creature you would want to take a paddle with under any circumstances.


However, sometimes you might not have a choice in the matter…

See Through Canoe Gets Stuck On Alligators Back

"My canoe must be stuck on a rock or someth-" 😱😬

Posted by UNILAD on Wednesday, 19 September 2018

The See Through Canoe company reportedly aims to ‘provide a unique way for people to see & experience nature and wildlife’, advising customers to ‘get out there and make some memories’.

As their name may suggest, See Through Canoe sells ‘transparent kayak/canoe hybrids’ for adventurous sorts all across the world.


Many cannoers love the enhanced visibility you get with these crystal clear boats; allowing them to feel more connected than ever to the diverse world beneath the surface.

Plenty of customers have experienced close encounters with playful dolphins and adorable manatees, who have frolicked happily beneath their boats. But there are others who have come across far deadlier creatures…

Scream-worthy footage has emerged which shows one person peering over the side of their canoe, only to be greeted by the sight of a huge, scaly alligator who had lodged himself beneath the boat.


The footage has since gone viral, with those who have seen it reacting with both amusement and horror. Many people took to social media to muse over the alligator’s potential motives; channeling his internal dialogue.

One person joked:

Excuse me sir do you have a second to talk about the charity ‘save our waters’ For just as little as a child a month you can help us eat.

Another jested:


Excuse me, sir? Could you kindly remove your boat from my head? Thanks.

Interestingly, an unexpected people have described the alligator as being ‘cute’, adding they would not have been able to resist the urge to pet him. I for one am not even a bit tempted to pat this scaly head, but different strokes for different folks I guess…

So, exactly how dangerous are alligators on a scale of Chihuahua to Tyrannosaurus Rex? Well, human meat apparently isn’t their go-to protein (phew!) but that doesn’t mean you should hop in the water with them for a cuddle.


According to Planet Deadly:

Alligators are opportunists, and not being the brightest of animals tend to think with their teeth. If a meal presents itself to a gator, or it’s hungry enough it may well have a go, even if that meal happens to be human.

Of all 23 species of crocodiles and alligators only 8 have been known to attack humans without provocation. Unsurprisingly the two biggest killers are the saltwater crocodile and the Nile crocodile, but also on the list is the American alligator. While the former reptiles kill hundreds of people every year (around 1,000 between them) the death toll from alligators is only around one person every year.

There are several reasons why an alligator might attack a human. Firstly, alligators will defend their nest if they think their young are in danger. Then there is the possibility of mistaken identity and also the possibility that they might just regard a human as a meal. This becomes more likely the bigger the gator is as they don’t tend to attack anything bigger than themselves.

No thanks. For me it’s a polite yet firm ‘see ya later alligators’.

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