Camera Catches Dog Bringing His Bed To His Sick Brother


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If you need a bit of a pick-me-up in the form of cute animal content, I have just the thing for you.

Enter: Roman and Spanky, two dog brothers who absolutely adore each other and would do anything for each other. Something that’s recently been proven with a video of the pair.


In the video, Spanky can be seen dragging his dog bed to Roman, who was poorly and waiting for surgery, so that his brother didn’t have to move and risk hurting himself.

You can watch the adorable moment unfold below:


From the moment they first met, the Pit Bulls have been ‘best friends’, their owner, 29-year-old Jill Rogers from Hopatcong, North Jersey, told UNILAD.


While Roman is the ‘athletic, smart one’ who ‘knows all of the tricks [and] loves swimming’, Jill said Spanky is their ‘goofball dog’ who ‘loves to cuddle’ so much he will sometimes wrap himself in blankets ‘like a burrito’.

‘From the day we brought Spanky home he was infatuated with Roman,’ Jill explained. ‘He bonded with him so tightly and does not like to be far from him.’ In fact, if the family takes Roman out without him, Spanky will sit in the living room and cry until his brother comes back.

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Jill said:


To know our dogs is to love them, they are truly the most lovable big-headed babies. They go all over with us to all different town events and carnivals, and we get so many compliments. Everyone wants to pet them! They do not have an aggressive bone in their bodies.

Earlier this month though, eight-year-old Roman’s ear became infected, so Jill took him to the vets where she discovered he had a hematoma.

Although they scheduled a surgery to take care of the aural hematoma, the poor pup’s ear kept getting worse while he waited for it, and Roman became more and more uncomfortable.

So much so that Jill took him back to the vets four days before his surgery. ‘I could see how unhappy he was,’ she explained, but she was assured he could make it.


At first, six-year-old Spanky didn’t notice anything was wrong with his big brother but as Roman’s ear got worse, it started to become clear that he was acting much more gentle around him.

‘Spanky is not normally gentle,’ Jill told UNILAD. ‘He is like a big moose but when Roman wasn’t feeling good, he was so gentle with him. He didn’t try to rough house or play with him like normal.’

While the family waited for Roman’s surgery, they had to carry on as normal and just let the Pit Bull rest as much as possible. So while they were at work, they would keep an eye on the two dogs using a Ring camera they have set up inside the home ‘to check up on them throughout the day’.

spanky and roman dogsJill Rogers/Supplied

It’s via this camera they were able to witness the adorable interaction between Spanky and his big brother earlier this month, with Jill watching as Spanky looked over at his brother lying on the floor, looking concerned.

After pacing for a little while, Spanky then went over to the bed at around 10.00am and dragged it towards his ‘best friend’. In the next clip, the two brothers could be seen snuggling on the bed.

Upon seeing the video, after her sister texted her to say ‘Oh my God you have to check the cameras’, Jill said she ‘couldn’t believe’ what she was seeing. ‘[I] watched it a million times! It was just so wholesome and melted my heart,’ she said.

Thankfully, Roman has now had his surgery and although he was ‘very out of it’ for a few days because of the sedation, he is now one week post-surgery and doing ‘much better’.

‘He is back to his happy self,’ Jill explained, adding that his ear bandage has been taken off but the cone has to stick around for another two weeks. ‘He has adjusted to it though,’ she added.

What a good boy.

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