Boy Taunts Snake By Sticking Out His Tongue And Instantly Regrets It

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Of all the things you could taunt, why would you square up to a snake? 

Well, it’s obvious this young boy from Makassar, Indonesia, wasn’t considering the larger implications of what happens when you get a little too smug around a fanged reptile.

While standing bold as brass with his tongue out in front of a snake, unsurprisingly, the slithery creature was having none of it.

Check out the video below: 


In the video, you can see a bare-chested, older boy holding on to the snake – thought to be a small python – and blowing it as he holds the creature in front of the younger child’s face.

The young boy, dressed in a red and blue t-shirt and baseball cap, is lapping up the jollity – sticking his tongue out in front of the hovering snake, testing his mettle against a wild reptile.

Then, in an instantly teachable, character-building moment, the snake lurches forward, launching its fangs towards the boy’s mouth and into his tongue.

Boy Snake Bite TongueViralHog

Naturally, his cheeriness is cauterised immediately: however, as horror sweeps across his face, the older boys around him laugh it up, amused by the young boy’s suffering.

The young boy, who hasn’t been named, brings his hands to his mouth as his pain grows more intense, trying to pry the reptile’s fangs away from his tongue as the surrounding crowd continue to erupt in uproarious laughter.

Inevitably, he starts to scream in pain, crying and wailing – but, that doesn’t stop the older boys from laughing.

Boy Snake Bite Tongue 2ViralHog

Eventually, the boy holding the snake steps in to assist, managing to get the snake off and removing him, taking him far away from the child.

The terror doesn’t leave the younger boys face though. Once the snake is removed, he bends down to the floor clutching his mouth (probably due to the piercing, stinging pain caused by a snake bite to the tongue).

Boy Snake Bite Tongue 3ViralHog

As he’s bent over, his surrounding ‘friends’ jump around him, shaking him in a way akin to when you do a daft dare and your pals chant your name.

Meanwhile, he continues to clutch his mouth, spitting out droplets of blood in the fallout of the snake bite. I bet that’s the last time he’ll square up to a slithering reptile.

It isn’t currently known how seriously the young boy was injured by the snake bite. You know what they say: if you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough.

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Cameron Frew
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