Australian Guy Has Hilariously Calm Reaction To Great White Shark Trying To Take A Bite Out Of His Boat

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Australian Guy Has Hilariously Calm Reaction To Shark Trying To Take A Bite Out Of His Boat7NEWS Australia/YouTube

You’re out on the open waters off Western Australia when a massive great white shark starts circling your boat. Your immediate response: ‘Oi!’ 

Down Under is a scary place. Whether it be black widow spiders, snakes, box jellyfish or stonefish, Australia’s wildlife is no joke. However, if there’s any greater foil for that level of peril, it’s the affable comfort of the country’s conditioned residents.

Lee and Adam Ferguson, two fisherman brothers, recently set off from Coogee in Perth towards Carnac Island to fish for snapper. What they ended up finding was quite the catch: a feisty, hungry great white shark.

You can check out the scary encounter in the video below: 


The pair had embarked on their fishing trip at 5am on Friday, July 10. Aboard their 5.2-metre vessel, they quickly realised a great white was trailing them. They definitely needed a bigger boat.

Lee told 7NEWS following the encounter: ‘Adam spotted something in the burley trail and said, ‘It’s a big fish,’ and I said, ‘That’s not a big fish, it’s a big shark’.’

Shark Encounter 7 News 37NEWS Australia/YouTube

Burley is essentially the practice of dropping fish guts and meat into the ocean near the boat, with hopes it’ll lure other fish over to make the catch a little bit easier. However, we’ve all seen the movies, whether it’s Jaws, Deep Blue Sea or Finding Nemo… all that blood would look pretty darn tasty to a shark.

The brothers estimate that the great white was around four metres long – barely shorter than their entire boat – and spent a good 15 minutes swimming in figures-of-eight around the vessel, all while trying to ram and bite chunks out of the boat.

Shark Encounter 7 News 27NEWS Australia/YouTube

Now, at this point, my arse would be collapsing – however, these guys had bigger fish to fry. When the shark approached the boat, you can hear one of them saying: ‘Oi! Go away!’

Of course, the memory of seeing a shark so close is one thing, but why not take a photo to mark the occasion? The brothers clearly had the exact same thought, although instead of taking one from above the surface, Lee decided to stick his hand in the water with a GoPro camera attached to a small pole, literally inches away from the shark’s jaws.

Shark Encounter 7 News7NEWS Australia/YouTube

Lee added: ‘There was a couple of times it got too close, I tried to give him a poke with the GoPro and couldn’t budge him at all so yeah, very heavy, very strong… that was uncomfortable. We didn’t feel in immediate danger though.’

Eventually, the pair pulled up their anchor and sailed away from the area, now equipped with a damaged motor, ladder and transducer.

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7NEWS Australia/YouTube
  1. 7NEWS Australia/YouTube

    Australian fishermen's close call with great white shark | 7NEWS

Cameron Frew
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