Amazing Video Shows How People Saved A 20ft Orca That Was Stuck On Shore Rocks


Amazing Video Shows How People Saved A 20ft Orca That Was Stuck On Shore Rocks@aroonmelane/TikTok/@neilson_tara/Twitter

A group of good samaritans helped save a 20ft Orca that got stranded ashore.

The US Coast Guard was alerted on Thursday, July 29, that the killer whale was stranded on a rocky shore on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska.


The group of people who spotted the orca from a boat were then given instructions by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on what they could do to help the animal until the coast guard arrived.

Stranded orca ( aroonmelane/TikTok)@aroonmelane/TikTok

As well as the people on board the boat, local resident Tara Neilson told Insider that her niece, Aroon Melane, caught wind of the whale‘s situation and decided to go help with her friends.

The NOAA instructed those who were helping the orca to keep the animal wet with seawater and to try to keep birds away.


With this in mind, the group then anchored the boat and used a hose to spray water onto the orca, while others created a chain and passed buckets of water up from the water’s edge to be tipped onto the whale.

The orca, which had gotten injured on the rock, seemed to respond well to the assistance and could be seen moving its tail around before becoming more ‘lively’.

Aroon shared a video on TikTok of everyone doing their part to help, branding the ordeal as ‘the craziest experience’.


Apparently, the whale was stuck there for six hours before wildlife authorities arrived to assist it, so it’s likely the good samaritans’ actions saved the animal’s life.

Eventually, the tide came back in again and the orca was able to safely swim off.

People on TikTok have since applauded the group for their work. One person commented, ‘Poor baby, thank you for doing such amazing work.’

Stranded orca (NOAA)Captain Chance Strickland and Crew of M/V Steadfast via NOAA

Another person said, ‘Thank you so much for saving this little angel! ALL THE FEELS!!!’, while another person said the video had restored their faith in humanity.

Someone else wrote, ‘Fantastic! I wish there were more people in the world like this.’

Apparently, Aroon sprained her ankle while helping the whale, but said ‘the sprain was worth it’.


Faith = restored.

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    A killer whale stranded on rocks in Alaska was saved after a group of people spotted it and kept it wet until the tide rose

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