Adorable Golden Retriever Born With A Tiny Mohawk


Adorable Golden Retriever Born With A Tiny Mohawkstanleythegoldenfluff/Instagram

A golden retriever was born with a teeny, tiny mohawk – and it’s probably the cutest thing you’ll see today.

Pennsylvania pup Stanley won over the hearts of his owners when they noticed his unique attribute, and swiftly welcomed him into their family.


Megan Callahan and her husband first saw Stanley at three weeks old and noticed his extremely cute mohawk, but by the time they took him home at two months old, it had disappeared.

Thinking it was just something he had as a puppy, the couple were surprised to see the return of Stanley’s mohawk, and it thankfully seems it’s here to stay.

According to his owner, Stanley simply loves swimming and when his fur his wet, his adorable hairdo is more noticeable than ever.


Even with dry fur, Stanley’s distinct ‘do is very noticeable, with people even stopping them in the street to point it out.

Speaking to The Dodo, Megan said: ‘When we took him out, strangers would come up to us and ask about his mohawk. They even asked me if I styled it or cut it that way.’

Another cute golden retriever with a unique feature is Rae, who has been dubbed a unicorn dog after having just one ear in the middle of her head.


After having one of her ears removed as a puppy, the remaining ear slowly and naturally migrated to the centre of her head. Since making her social media debut, Rae has won over the hearts of thousands and now boasts and impressive 241,000 followers on Instagram.

While Stanley currently has just short of 800 followers, I’m sure he’ll end up just as popular as Rae.

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    Puppy Born With Tiny Mohawk Still Has It After All These Years

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