3,500lb Great White Shark Named Nukumi Pulled From Ocean


3,500lb Great White Shark Named Nukumi Pulled From OceanOCEARCH/Facebook

In case you thought the massive shark in Jaws was mythical, allow us to introduce you to this 1.6 tonne sea giant.

Granted, Steven Spielberg may have perpetuated the stereotype that Great White Sharks are flesh-craving monsters, but in truth they can be anything but, as OCEARCH’s latest discovery proves.


Weighing an incredible 3,500 lbs, the Great White, who they named Nukumi, was recorded at 3,541 pounds when researchers safely pulled her from the ocean to understand more about the ancient creatures.

During the whole of this particular Nova Scotia expedition, she was by far the largest of the six shark OCEARCH sampled. In fact, she’s the biggest they’ve ever recorded, with Nukumi measuring in at a ginormous 17 feet and two inches.

The group says that they managed to collect a lot of data, not just from Nukumi, when it comes to understanding the oceanic dwellers and explain that her existence, as well as the other predatory sealife around her, is essential to the ecosystem in order to ‘balance fish stocks in the surrounding waters’ and keeping nature aligned.


Meet 3,541 pound mature female white shark Nukumi. We named her "Nukumi", pronounced noo-goo-mee, for the legendary wise…

Geplaatst door OCEARCH op Vrijdag 2 oktober 2020

The large shark was named Nukumi in honour of the grandmother of the Native American Mi’kmaq people of that region.

According to ichthyologist John E. Randall, the largest shark on record was only believed to be a few feet longer at 19-and-a-half feet.

In July of 2019, a chance encounter with a particularly large Great White, alleged to be around 20 feet in length, was further documented by Kimberly Jeffries as she observed a dead sperm whale, and remains the largest ever caught on film. Dubbed Deep Blue, the 20-footer was initially discovered in 2015 off the coast of Mexico.


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